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It's still without a single scratch. Big tit wife porn. I think it's worth it, the scratches and scuffs are so minimal that it doesn't really bother me. I keep my 5 in a case, one with a silicone wrap and then a plastic cover. Iphone 5s naked. Once you put there screen protectors on, it will last you as long as you have the phone. Yeah I just purchased this one and installed it.

The curved lines, the almost absurdly thin metal body, the completely metal-and-glass construction: Originally Posted by mrb My 5s is in the red Apple case. But there's good news. The 5S screen at least is like a wet piece of ice.

It's a semi rigid plastic think somewhere between hard plastic and silicone that is very good at absorbing shock and is clear or translucent depending on your colour choice. But Apple's fit well: I bought it outright nearly two years ago and since then I have had around six different cases on it.

I also very much doubt it is impact resistant. A pressure-sensitive screen instantly pulled up shortcut menus. Madhuri dixit naked sex. For original iPhone through 4S I always used a case, but then with 5 and 5S I went caseless since the current design is so much more durable. This unique design utilizes both pieces to provide protection and to give a classic aesthetic to your iPhone. Use Ghost Armor, or something equivalent. So for me cases did the damage they were supposed to protect against.

For my 5 I have to use a case because the aluminum on the back is so slick. That being said, mine goes naked on the weekends when I am just sitting around the house or watching a movie with the family. It feels amazing using it without a case although I have to get used to it because not having it in a case changes my whole routine. I agree with those who say that the naked phone is preferable. I never kept it on, unless I was doing something dangerous.

I drop things, spill things, and do random gravity checks with the floor. It leaves the front and back visible, but gives a little protection on the corners in case I drop it. Girls nude volleyball. Definitely not a smooth feel like the actual iphone screen Cases also help with something else: Thin, smooth to the touch, and beautiful. Have you followed from year to year the evolution of its lines?

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If Apple really intended for it to be used without a case, why did they show off their cases for it at the Announcement? Can't even tell there is one on. Wild girls getting fucked. I use the crystal ones usually, or the HD Zagg, and I have never even noticed them.

If I charge my phone or plan on using it for a long time, I put on my case. Sent from my iPad Mini using iMore Forums mobile app.

The card slot feature relies on the bare back of your iPhone to store your cards. Iphone 5s naked. They did more, yes, but not necessarily better. What did you guys think of the leather case? Is it ok if I do this with my iOS 7 on an iPhone 5? I was hanging out with four friends the other day, none of them used cases. I had it in a Defender case until yesterday to keep it safe. While smaller and less powerful than its successors, the SE is the ur-machine, the blueprint for a device that has come to define the digital age.

Plan on keeping mine no case just like my last 3. I never go without a case, but I also don't want to hide the gold. Now I don't care, I change it up once a week to feel like new again.

If I get the 5S, the first thing I'll do before even setting it up will be to apply a screen protector and a Speck case. Dylan ryder milfs like it big. Although even if I did, no big deal. I have a black 4s which i have had for over a year and a half.

I just ordered the Otterbox Defender for the 5s. I have a 5c so I keep it naked. I like both my ipad and iphone naked, they are designed to look amazing and a case just kills it. I don't have a screen protector on the phone, should I get one? I keep mine in a case, not because I drop it a lot but solely for the resale value. All times are GMT My spigen case saved it many times.

I dare say I'm impressed, but those do qualify as extenuating circumstances. Using a lifeproof nuud case plus screen protector on.

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