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Rebecca performs a cover song of " You and I " by One Direction.

Her daughter Zoe Slater Michelle Ryan is initially believed to be her sister as well until Kat reveals she was raped by her uncle Harry Slater Michael Elphick as a child. While trying to find Preston, Michelle crashes a car into the chip shop after taking sleeping pills with alcohol. Big booty lesbian freaks. Shobna gulati naked. Portrayed by Jimmi Harkishinthe character first appeared onscreen during the episode airing on 10 November She names her baby Chloe and Sonia decides she wants Chloe adopted. Sonia tries to hush Rebecca but the truth comes out and Sonia is arrested following a row with Martin.

Indeed, Mo was at one time married to Pat's brother. Caught nude and in bikini and revealing nude tits on a beach. The report looking into the teaching of maths in schools was widely praised by education experts, she beat Pippa Middleton to the title of Rear Of The Yearand says she's enjoying being "properly single" for the first time in her life.

Dev's marriage to Sunita is happy for a while, and the couple are overjoyed to discover they are having twins. Bex continues to pursue him but he insists nothing can happen, and Louise asks Bex not to chase Gethin. Alexandra gets herself out of trouble by telling Louise and Bex that Travis may not have been responsible for spiking her drink and Louise insists that Madison and Alexandra are still her friends.

Dev's uncle, Umed Alahan Harish Patelarrives for a visit in March and begins helping in the corner shop. Phoebe cates naked video. Anthony gets engaged to Zoe Slater Michelle Ryanhowever the relationship falls apart when Anthony realises he still loves Zoe's mother, Kat Slater Jessie Wallacewho he has dated previously. Audrey was introduced by executive producer John Yorke as the matriarch of a new black family moving to Walford in November Lynne is in a relationship with Garry Hobbs Ricky Groves and she spends much of her time despairing over Garry's inability to fully commit to their relationship.

Virginia Wood naked at Mr Skin. References in periodicals archive? It is the original image provided by the contributor. He had left Walford in Bex is humiliated when Martin sees the video. She tells Louise she has not sent the photo and thinks Shakil is not interested in her when he ignores her. The vicar who conducts Ethel Skinner 's funeral. Every semester at Harvard University, students take their clothes off.

After her daughter is born, Sonia is taken to hospital and tells her social worker Ameena Badawi Shobna Gulati upon meeting her that she does not want her baby. Posing as friends of the Millers, Margaret allows the Fowlers into their home and it is only when they admit who they really are that she tells them to leave.

Kevin is convinced that Mo is lying and chains himself to the gate outside. Beppe eventually allows Sandra visitation rights and so Jack and her leave Walford in March At the prom, Louise suffers burns after being pushed onto lit candles by Alexandra and Madison, leading to their arrests.

On 11 May, in front of a huge crowd for an unveiling on urban degradation, Dev proposes to Tara but she rejects him before unveiling a huge photo of him naked with the word LIAR printed on it. Bex is told she can return to school, but when Martin returns her phone, she only receives abuse so decides to do an apprenticeship, which Martin disagrees with her doing.

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Eddie later leaves the Square, his whereabouts are currently unknown. The first Rear of The Year Award was presented as a one-off accolade back in to Barbara Windsor and went on to become an annual event inwhen the winner was Felicity Kendal. Fat black booty naked. Dev is humiliated and Tara leaves soon after but is horrified to realize how her revenge has humiliated Amber too.

Dev goes for a round of golf with Vernon and by chance, they strike up a conversation with Prem Mandal Madhav Sharmawho gives Vernon some pointers.

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He had left Walford in Audrey's ex-husband Patrick Rudolph Walker arrives in Walford for her funeral. Jay is arrested and Bex is interviewed by police. Sandra reappears in Beppe and Joe's lives in when she tracks them down to Walford. It turns out that Sandra had left Jack following a miscarriage that left her unable to have children. Bex sees the video of this online and calls Sonia in tears, who returns to Walford and announces that she wants Bex to live with her.

She left Jack to track down her son, and although she is met with hostility at first, she and Beppe soon grow closer and eventually rekindle their romance, much to Beppe's family's disgust. Shobna gulati naked. Bex is angry and upset with Sonia and refuses to say goodbye, but Tina arranges for them to talk. Fuck cute milf. The following February, Amber who now knowing that Dev is her father moves in with Dev as her mother is moving to Finland with her new boyfriend but Amber wants to stay in England.

After Louise gets drunk and is sick, she staggers outside, coughs up blood and collapses, panicking Bex, Madison, Alexandra, Keegan, Travis and Dennis, who are watching. Bex goes busking but almost backs out when she sees a group of girls laughing. An employee of the housing association interested in buying the flats Ian Beale is having built, until he is declared bankrupt. The event is greeted with a certain nostalgic indulgence, a college tradition—and. Although Bex thought she had deleted the photos and had not sent them on, they had been backed up automatically.

Rod tells Nicky she has caught up enough and they can end the lessons. Neil and Sue now Victoria Willingunderstandably upset about Sonia's actions, give Dot Branning June Brown fifteen minutes to persuade Sonia to give Rebecca back before they phone the police.

When she asks Dev what he did the night she left, he says that he stayed in, watching television so Tara plots revenge for his betrayal. This enrages Maya so she smashes up his flat and frames Sunita for an illegal immigration scam so she is arrested on her and Dev's wedding day.

Rod is attacked by a drunken Gianni who has come to avenge his sister. Sandra and Jack subsequently threaten to take Beppe to court for custody of Joe. Retrieved from " https: Jack arrives in Albert Square to try to win Sandra back but she is insistent that she loves Beppe, having reconciled with him several months earlier.

Posing as friends of the Millers, Margaret allows the Fowlers into their home and it is only when they admit who they really are that she tells them to leave. Two naked black girls. In MarchRebecca, tired of strife between her parents, enters a rebellious phase of her life. Hayes, addicted to heels for 15 years, has been experimenting with ballet flats, boots and cute sneakers lately.

She names her baby Chloe and Sonia decides she wants Chloe adopted.

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