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Being a professional athlete means being worshipped by millions of people.

Wow, we were right about the family feud all along. Sexy white girl sex. Not even the hardest core Packer fans are buying it, irrespective of whether or not they think he's gay.

That could be a reason Aaron is angry at Jordan and doesn't talk to him, I guess. I told you we should move this thread out of datalounge and post in a new site, but nobody listened. Cleo wattenstrom nude. One of the tabloid-style magazines I think it was Us Weekly claimed that Jordan wants to get into acting and is just using the show as a stepping stone. He's a piece of shit and karma can't come back to him soon enough. It's like his pet cause.

Well, when you have a nasty breakup with your bf, you probably won't keep hanging out with his family. His brother is rich enough to take care of the whole family, but it's not clear that he actually is. Does Kobe like white twinks, too? Not titles from trolls. She stayed close to the side of her project. Married naked girls. If Aaron hadn't been a bad breaker-upper, maybe none of this would have happened. InJordy and Aaron were workout buddies. Olivia Munn is half Asian. Rodgers is a self centered "moneyist" if that's a word A bunch of lies.

Continue the discussion here. He just seems like such a liberal Hollywood-type hippie: R Yes, it's stupid, but if you're a celeb and actually take the time or care for that matter to respond to people who write stupid shit about you, you must get your feelings hurt pretty easily.

I don't understand people who go after Kevin. Will Kevin and his new bride be watching the Oscars red carpet to see Aaron and Olivia? You got the pro bearding concept all wrong! The Entertainment Lawyer just posted this: It seems that Aaron just got tired of Kevin's over-the-top adulation and found him an embarrassment to have around.

This marriage is fast. Which means he'd rather defend a Muslim than gays. Olivia is allegedly living with him in GB during the season, r You aren't Kevin's number one, anymore!

They have no idea how fucking stupid they look and sound.

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She's touching the Fass. Mature escorts nyc. None of the Rodgers were invited to the wedding.

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Why not be respectable? So why is the dog's Instagram account named "Chance Rodgers. Or you may not even be asked over that often because of her business and other affairs. Wasn't there a bachelorette contestant who had a dating profile on a gay site?

He literally married the first woman who looked at him. Cleo wattenstrom nude. Doesn't he work at Vanderbilt in TN as a coach? I like the idea suggested in the TO article that Aaron is punishing his family in advance by cutting off all relationships because he knows that they'd do the same to him if they knew his truth.

Either she is shopping rescues for only the best dogs or she bought these damn things and is totally lying. Note the timeline of her anti-aging tips and another article Anyone want to go on instagram and ask him "Where are all the pictures of you in Green Bay with your bff Aaron Rodgers? The bags under his eyes speaks volumes. OK, that one went right over my head. Olivia didn't want them in the GB suite for packer games but when KL was there gay or not there was not a problem The text about being used did seem to imply their were intimate.

Aaron's family sounds like they are leeches too. Big tits cam videos. I can see his family really believing that Kevin was just a friend, even after the "scandal. How old is Kevin, again?

Hume Lake is Chic Fil-a to these people. Happy ending for Kev i guess. I can see that. R, what pics are you talking about? Has she snagged any new roles since her admittedly small part in the upcoming X-Men movie? R Put r on ignore and move on. So they even have a couples name? Thanks to the insider for putting out great info if you post here.

I don't follow sports unless they overlap with pop culture.

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R That's Aaron's elder brother Terry. Public nude girls photos. Wonder if Aaron attended? If Mom wants a huge home and if you are rolling in dough, you buy it for her. The dog getting an instagram is proof this fake relationship plans to continue for a while. You'd think if he'd had a girlfriend, he would have tweeted about her more than once It's fun to joke about Kevin's marriage and his relationship with Aaron, but we really don't know enough to say that he was a user, let alone someone worthy of enough contempt to be called a "slimy bug needing to be crushed.

I'd never even heard of her until Aaron Rodgers.? I told you his gay positive comments were more PR related than anything else. It was pretty obvious that they hated Caitlyn for being there. He started ticking off the members of the family JoJo would meet: The age would be right too, Harry being 18 or 19 at the time. Cleo wattenstrom nude. Xxxx video sexi Yeah, John Travolta is married, too.

Paparazzi took dozens of pictures of Aaron Rodgers walking his dog Probably was written by the poster in this topic that is obsessed with the idea of Aaron dating children.

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