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The women face off one-on-one at Dorinda Medley's Massachusetts estate.

Dorinda medley nude

A guest interrupts the fight to make a toast and thank Ramona, but Dorinda picks up again as soon as he is done. Ramona gets advice on her situation with Bethenny from her daughter. Kendra naked photos. She is upset he comes into her bathroom unannounced, and he suggests she simply close the bathroom door. Sonja is so lovely.

Bethenny has gotten her hair cut and has decided Ramona is invisible, just we all have. Dorinda medley nude. Not so for Sonja! Cut to Ramona who is shamelessly flirting with her contractor. By asking nice of course I mean some of you let me have it.

I never said a mean word about you or towards you or anything. She was heading to an early morning photo shoot, but that didn't keep her from fan-girling over the Bravo franchise. Dorinda is shitting all over Sonja in front of the entire party.

Luann confronts Ramona about Tom. Over to Sonja, she is in a play because you know, she has an international following. Could i be a lesbian. Tinsley readdresses the press article with Sonja, while some of the other ladies try their hand at surfing.

Thank you DailyMail for not mentioning the painfully obvious massive nipple covers I donned tonight. Luann faces more allegations about Tom and continues to defend her marriage. Carole comes to see the hotel and re-gifts a candle she got from Dorinda. Luann suggests she is better off being married and all hell breaks loose.

The girls gossip about Tinsley who was married to a big NYC family guy, then got divorced, then dated a young guy and got arrested during their break up. This storyline is embarrassing and not even a little bit interesting or flattering to Sonja.

Talk quickly turns to Luann and her wedding. Carole has a hard on for Trump and thinks she is the only person who reads the newspaper. Ramona's weird behavior at dinner throws everyone off. Retrieved June 29, Cover used by the iTunes Store Top to bottom left to right: Despite the tension between Ramona and Bethenny, all of the ladies head to Vermont.

I don't wanna talk to anybody. She is messy and fabulous. Big swinging tits compilation. We begin this week with Tinsley speaking through her nasal cavity and Carole joining her for a meal, which will undoubtedly make me sick. Luann is bitching about Sonja. Lu has already bought Tom a Rolex for the wedding, but thinks he needs a tie too.

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Then Ramona tells Sonja Tinsley is planning a party for her. Beautiful nude hawaiian women. She knows Ramona is being an idiot, but also knows there is nothing she can do or say to make Ramona see she was wrong. The breakthrough finally seemed to give Singer some relief.

Dorinda is not sure how her daughter can afford anything. It is exactly what you want a beach house to be—cozy, updated and with a view of the water. Oddly Dorinda hugs her back.

I love this show and enjoy blogging it, even though it may not always appear that way! Twenty-five minutes in and we finally get some Bethenny. By the end, all was well between the two.

The ladies join Dorinda in telling Luann what they've been hearing about Tom. It looks amazing and I would live there in a heartbeat. She is clearly just a tad too invested. Dorinda comes over to visit as Bethenny is in her new apartment which is huge. Jessica simpson sex nude. Dorinda medley nude. Back to Bethenny, she is doing a hockey player. Just a quick note that while in Oz, I spent some time with the Real Housewives of Melbourne, and hearing them speak of the American Housewives franchises was great.

Carole thinks she is more informed on politics that anyone else and thinks that because she worked at ABC she is a political expert. Morgan got very drunk and tried to make out with nearly everyone.

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Something horrible happened and something positive came out of it. Sonja is being Sonja, but Tinsley is being a bitch. Back to NYC, here we go! I was so wrong and I want you to forgive me for it. It will be interesting, because it always is. Ramona is just sitting there and I almost feel bad for her. Jersey shore girls nude pics. Later this season, things get a little wild when the ladies of NYC head south of the border to Mexico.

They are all listening, like we are, waiting to see how it plays out. Like right now for example. I loved watching, loved blogging, and was sad to have the season end. Seriously, who does not love Dorinda when she is not drunk and sloppy?

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