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Estee lauder sensuous nude

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Or maybe it's just my nose, and that note dominates everything else I smell.

The intimacy of touch and bare skin is one of life's most exquisitely sensorial experiences and A fragrance so personal and warm, it seems like one with your own skin. This is because it smells mainly of popular suntan lotions which you wear with your clothes off: In the first ten minutes or so, Sensuous Nude has a slight spicy-peppery tingle, but otherwise from straight on I get coconut and vanilla, with a bit of honey in the background.

I like it a lot on a good day, it is creamy, warm and sexy. Maria bello nude sex. Initial spray, it's sweet and tricks you into thinking it will be heavy, but it isn't. I think I prefer the original Sensuous and would like to try Sensuous Noir. Estee lauder sensuous nude. Loving perfume on the Internet since Im not sure if I like it as much now. It makes me want to snuggle in a soft blanket on a chilly night. And really, it is somewhat strong and easily overwhelming.

It's warm and dry like terracotta bricks. They can be stabby. Upskirt milf voyeur. I bought this as a blind buy, well half blind because I smelled it in a store and I loved it! Sillage is soft, a bit too soft. I love it on its own or layered under a more floral fragrance. This is one of these scents that make me go Mmmmmmmmmm The powder gives it strong 'make-up' associations for me. Bergamot adds the freshness, zing and pop in the initial blast that gives Sensuous Nude its exciting wow factor in the beginning that calms down with the honeyed milk.

Beyond Paradise is nice if not applied too liberally. Sensuous Eau de Toilette is a light, airy and sparkling version of the original Sensuous perfume from It seemed to be a no-brainer scent: It is warm but not hot. It still takes me there to blue skies, warm sands under my toes and the ocean waves not far away.

Estee lauder sensuous nude

For more accurate timing, please re-enter your zip code. I really am not quite sure. Brunette, Straight, Coarse Eyes: On me it had faded in a bit over an hour. If this had better longevity i would consider buying a full bottle But Sensuous, oh my, pure bliss!

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It didn't impress me. This is a nice smelling perfume. Blue tit box. I get moderate sillage, very good projection and eleven hours of longevity on my skin. I just want to feel the feeling it creates. The woods are so good, holding everything nicely earthed, and the flowers are divine. On me, it's all creamy, musks, soft honey, delicious coconut, a dash of orange, and smooth florals.

It seemed to be a no-brainer scent: It reminds me of Victoria's Secret Sun-Kissed body spray, not in a bad way. Because its a very feminine light with a creamy whisper that last more than 3 hours.

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The sandalwood, coconut, musk and vanilla create a beautiful creamy mix that blends amazingly with some soapy florals. Sensuous Nude reveals an exciting new dimension of your sensuality. Estee lauder sensuous nude. Very grown up perfume for my taste. Free porn big tits big dicks. The first few minutes radiate to arm's length, but then it dies down tremendously such that only a person giving me a hug would be able to smell it.

It worked my nerves. Best thing about this is that it doesn't start off strong or sharp like most perfumes. It is nice enough, but there are scents in the genre I like better, such as Guerlain's Terracotta le parfum.

I'm someone who could never get into perfume when I was younger because I was too sensitive to scents. One of the few perfumes that you can wear all year long. Beautifully blended perfume and another EL winner for me.

This was the perfect fragrance, a warm and inviting scent that leaves a delicious trail of cozy vanilla and honey on your skin.

I strongly suggest sampling before you commit to a full sized bottle. Azuree was created from Mrs. Frederic Malle Eau de Magnolia. College volleyball girls nude. The fragrance captures this vision of modern sensuality and bares all the warmth and softness of a confident woman at her most open and free. If golden bronze had a color, this would be it. Again, Estee hit it out of the park with these. So still musing if I should go original or Nude.

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